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Monday, November 28, 2005

Free Web Hosting(Complete Package) - MapleHut

If you are looking for free web hosting service that offers more complete package - decent space, bandwidth, PHP scripting support, MySQL database support, MapleHut would be worth looking. However the free web hosting service has some retrictions so that you may want to check it before you register your free web site. First of all the rules containts the usuals such as no illegal files and no offensive/racist contents. Then there's the no adult content rule. In addtion the space cannot be used as file storage and only the website hosted by MapleHut may access the file in the web space.

Here's the basic summary of the features:
  1. Cost: $0
  2. Web Space: 300 MB
  3. Bandwidth: 5G per month
  4. Control Panel Administration
  5. Email Accounts
  6. FTP Accounts
  7. PHP support
  8. MySQL Support

Monday, November 21, 2005

Free Web Hosting Service With Large Bandwidth - Free Webster

Free web hosting service with large bandwidth? Impossible? Well not exactly because there is a free web hosting service provider which offers 15GB traffic per month or 500MB per day.

Free Webster is providing no cost web hosting service with 15GB bandwidth and 250MB free space. There's a file size limit of 200MB which is much much bigger than many of the free web hosting providers. Although the free web hosting service offers large web traffic, it does not allow scripting (PhP, Pearls). So I would say this web hosting service is suitable if you have a photo rich site with no dynamic content. In addition there is a ad banner on top of each page.

Here's a summary of the free web hosting service:
  1. Cost: $0
  2. Bandwidth: 15GB
  3. Spae: 500MB
  4. Script: none
  5. Banner: top
  6. File size limit: 200MB

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Free Web Hosting Service - No Ads

If you are just starting your own web site and don't expect too much traffic to your site, then noadz.biz is for you. In addition if you want a free web hosting service that doesn't come with the typical pop-up ads, banner ads or whatever form of ads, then you should probably considering hosting your site here too. However the total space, about 50MB, and monthly traffic, about 150MB is quite small comparing with other web hosting services such as the 1GB bandwith by Doteasy Technology . Yet the free web hosting service do come with handy features for web masters such as PHP support as well as SSI (Server Side Includes). There's no limit to upload file size but considering the small web space this feature probably doesn't really matter much.

Here's a summary of the features from noadz.biz
  1. Price: $0
  2. Space: 50MB
  3. Bandwidth: 150MB
  4. PHP
  5. SSI
  6. No upload limit
  7. Control Panel

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Free Web Hosting Service - XR4Free

XR4Free is another company offering free web hosting service with MySQL. The web space the free hosting plan comes with is a bit small with 40MB available. The bandwidth is about 500MB so should be big enough. The plus side of this plan is that it offers scripting in CGI, PHP, Perl, SSI and Frontpage extension.

Summary of the features of XR4Free:
  1. Price: $0
  2. Space: 40MB
  3. Bandwidth: 500MB
  4. Database: MySQL
  5. Script: CGI, PHP, Perl, SSI, Fontpage

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Free Web Hosting Servie - ByetHost

When it comes to free web hosting service, many people expect it to be simple with little feature. Don't even mention database storage. However there is a free web hosting servie that offers up to 10 account of MySQL database. And yes, you did hear it. I is free.

Byethost is currently offering $0 web hosting in four different packages for different type of users. Each web hostinting plans come with MySQL, sub domains, enough web space and decent bandwidth yet the amount is different to meet different need.
  1. Max Storage: 20 GB traffic, 250 MB space, 2 MySQL database, 20 Sub Domains
  2. Max Traffic: 30 GB traffic, 150 MB space, 2 MySQL database, 20 Sub Domains
  3. Max Sub Domain: 20 GB traffic, 150 MB space, 2 MySQL database, unlimited Sub Domains
  4. Max MySQL: 20 GB traffic, 150 MB space, 10 MySQL database, 20 Sub Domains

The free web hosting plans also allows PHP scripting and has browser based file manager for HTML or image file uploading. However there's no web template so you'll have to use your own web design tool suh as Dreamweaver. However, the free MySQL databases is definitely a big plus for this can't miss free web hosting service.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Free Web Hosting Service - 50 MEGS

50 MEGS.com just as its name says, is providing free web hosting with 50 MB of disk space. The disk is half of the 100 MB disk space provided by Dot Easy and so does bandwidth where Dot Easy gave you about 1GB per month yet 50 MEGS provides 0.5 GB.

It has a file limit of 0.25 MB if you upgrade to the $3.95 per month service you'll be able to put your 5MB family high resolution family photos. However with the $3.95 per month service, you still only get 50MB disk space although you get a better bandwith for 2 GB. Of course if you are just going to put a simple business profile or your own resume, the free plan should be good enough.

The free of cost plan is quite limit in terms of features. But if you are rookies in web design the plan should be good enough. Please note that there's setup fee for package upgrade.

The features available are:
  1. Price: $0
  2. Setup Fee: Free
  3. Disk Space: 50MB
  4. Bandwidth: 0.5MB
  5. File Size Limit: 0.25MB
  6. Site Builder
  7. File Manager
  8. Corkboard, Guestbook, Counter, Form-emailer, Webring, Polls

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Free Web Hosting Service - Dot Easy

Who says there's no more free web hosting? As a matter of fact, we've just bumped into one company which is offering a free web hosting plan.

The plan is probably quite basic. However if all you need is to build your own business brochure or personal content this is probably a great start for you. Or if you are the "everything should be free" person like me, this will probably works for you too.

If you are thinking you probably ain't get anything of the free web hosting plan, well think again. With the free web hosting plan , you are also getting your own email address which should definitely makes your business more legitimate. In addition to that, you get a free website design tool for those of you who never make it to the web design school. The 100MB disk space and 1G/month data transfer should be sufficient especially if you are just starting your own website and won't be getting heavy traffic like Los Angeles anyway. One other good news is that there is not setup fee. Of course there's no free lunch as you are still responsible for a $18 per year domain registration fee.

Here's highlight of the features that the $0 hosting plan from Doteasy Technology is offering, we've also list the features that is not supported in the free web hosting plan but is offered at other plans with monthlys charge:

  1. Price: $0
  2. Setup fee : free
  3. 24 hour technical support (email) : Yes
  4. Live Chat customer service: Yes
  5. Telephone support (callback) : Yes
  6. Domain forwarding :Yes
  7. Sub-domains : No, Other Plans
  8. Data transfer (bandwidth) : 1GB
  9. Disk space for storing files : 100MB
  10. Microsoft FrontPage compatible ( * Support FTP publish method only ) : Yes*
  11. Online Page Builder : Yes
  12. PHP/MySQL/Perl/ASP: No, Other Plans
  13. Email accounts : 10
  14. Email storage (per mailbox) : 5MB
  15. POP and SMTP email access : Yes
  16. Webmail access : Yes
  17. Email forwards : Yes
  18. Static IP address: No, Other Plans
  19. SSL support for e-commerce: No, Other Plans

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Free Website Hosting!? Where?

Years ago when the dot coms are booming with crazy ideas, millions of websites, many of them offering free service, were flooded to the cyberspace not knowing what to expect. To support all the free contents on the internet, many companys are offering free web hosting service where they got moneys from the hungry investors fearing they'll be left behind the exponential capital gain.

Reality hit Wall Street and shaken many of the promising yet unrealistic ideas. As companys burned out their cashes and scrambled to dig out any decent revenue generating business ideas, investors makes the situation worse by either pull out or freeze future investment on interent related companys.

With less fish in the pond, major companys which used to offer free web hosting such as Yahoo, were left with little choice but to start collecting monthly charges for hosting yours and my ideas.

So what happened to the free service? So why do we have to pay $10 or $20 per month for justing putting our personal interest or resume?

Well, we are not yet a the doomsday of free or cheap website hosting. There are still places where you would be able to host your family picture for free or very little cost and I'm hoping to dig them out to show you.

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