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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Free Web Hosting Service - No Ads

If you are just starting your own web site and don't expect too much traffic to your site, then noadz.biz is for you. In addition if you want a free web hosting service that doesn't come with the typical pop-up ads, banner ads or whatever form of ads, then you should probably considering hosting your site here too. However the total space, about 50MB, and monthly traffic, about 150MB is quite small comparing with other web hosting services such as the 1GB bandwith by Doteasy Technology . Yet the free web hosting service do come with handy features for web masters such as PHP support as well as SSI (Server Side Includes). There's no limit to upload file size but considering the small web space this feature probably doesn't really matter much.

Here's a summary of the features from noadz.biz
  1. Price: $0
  2. Space: 50MB
  3. Bandwidth: 150MB
  4. PHP
  5. SSI
  6. No upload limit
  7. Control Panel


Blogger cmeltifa said...

I love your blog applepea. How long has it been on-line? Reason I ask is I am doing a ton of work in the area of web space hosting and will probably end up starting a blog of my own. Funny how the internet brought me here when I was doing searches on web space hosting. Oh well, I am glad it did. Keep up the great blogging and I am sure I will visit Free Web Hosting Service - No Ads again!!

5:03 AM

Blogger Emerald Web Hosting said...

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Blogger tipsonrelationships said...

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Blogger cmeltifa said...

Sad to say I just got back from a bowling tournament and decided to log in and do some websurfing. applepea I love your blog. I had some very good laughs. I am doing a paper on net web hosting and have been downloading information for the last hour. I don’t know how I came across Free Web Hosting Service - No Ads but I am glad I did. It has set me back a little because I have spent the last hour reading your archives. If you don’t mind I would like to add you to my favorites so I can back again and read some more. Well I need to get back to net web hosting. I am almost finished with it. Great job.
p.s some very good points on your blog

6:01 AM

Blogger myearning said...

This webhosting offers free domain name and 200MB Web Space on Windows Server, Plesk Support for

$1 a /mo only

Total Cost is $14 /year No other cost(Free Domain Cost Included)


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Blogger andi said...

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Blogger Michael said...

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Blogger Tavashi Singh said...


Actually I never prefer free web hosting service because i have tried several times but didn't get quality services from free hosting providers so i always prefer paid hosts.

But it will be helpful for those guys who are looking for free hosting services.

11:34 PM

Blogger Nistha adhikari said...

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11:50 PM

Blogger Smithya said...

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Blogger Rashmi srivastav said...

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