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Monday, November 28, 2005

Free Web Hosting(Complete Package) - MapleHut

If you are looking for free web hosting service that offers more complete package - decent space, bandwidth, PHP scripting support, MySQL database support, MapleHut would be worth looking. However the free web hosting service has some retrictions so that you may want to check it before you register your free web site. First of all the rules containts the usuals such as no illegal files and no offensive/racist contents. Then there's the no adult content rule. In addtion the space cannot be used as file storage and only the website hosted by MapleHut may access the file in the web space.

Here's the basic summary of the features:
  1. Cost: $0
  2. Web Space: 300 MB
  3. Bandwidth: 5G per month
  4. Control Panel Administration
  5. Email Accounts
  6. FTP Accounts
  7. PHP support
  8. MySQL Support


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