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Monday, December 05, 2005

Free Web Hostings with 1G Space

Zeromoola(www.0moola.com) is offering free web hosting service which provide you with large web space as much as 1000 Megabyte or 1 Gigabyte. The Dallas, Texas based free web hosting service is using super fast fiber optic networking and UPS in the data center which translate to reliable and fast network. The bandwidth is 3000 Megabyte per month so should be good enough for average web site. One additional benefit for the free web hosting service is that they will not place banner ad or pop-up ad in your web site. You will only expect text ad which should be less annoying for your website viewers.

However before you sign up for the free web hosting service, take a look at the limitations. First of all the free web hosting service is only allowing maximum of 5 Megabyte upload. Secondly there is no PHP script support so you won't be able to produce fancy content. Thirdly there is no database storage so you will not be able to build fancy feature such as dynamic contenet listing.

If the above limitations do no affect you, go ahead to
www.0moora.com to sign up for the free web hosting service. Basically the free web hosting service offers:
  1. Larget Web Space: 1000 Megabyte
  2. Bandwidth: 3000 Megabyte
  3. Text Ad
  4. HTML editor
  5. Fast servers
  6. Easy WYSIWYG editor


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